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Our company “Comfy Furniture by Chasomeris” is a purely Greek, family business with a 30-year course in the field of living rooms, furniture and upholstery.


  • Design
  • Quality
  • Finesse
  • Experience
  • Expertise


Since 1990 our craft is active in the field of living rooms and upholstery.

We started as a small business with the main character Spiros Chasomeris -upholstery craftsman since 1970- and came up to present day as an exclusively Greek family business with his children bringing the business up to date following the new market trends and technology.

All these years we have furnished homes and various business premises targeting only our customer’s satisfaction.

We design our products one by one, choosing the best materials from our Greek suppliers, we create living rooms and furniture of choice, taste and imagination of each customer.

We follow the fashion trends without ever forgetting the classic lines.

We try to combine the best result with the lowest prices, always respecting the customer and the right image of our business in the market.