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Our company, Comfy Furniture by Chasomeris (Chasomeris Spyridon OE) provides a 10-year warranty for living rooms and sofas, for frame (breakage) and 2-7 years for the foam parts (depending on the category you choose). Our company guarantees to complete all the necessary actions for the correct replacement or repair under warranty.



This warranty covers only the original purchaser. It is necessary to have and prove the purchase receipt or invoice with the explicit date and purchase price of the product in order to provide the services defined by this warranty.

Cases of coverage or not of guarantee:

Regarding the cases of coverage of the product warranty, the following applies:


✓ If the sofa defect is found to be due to a manufacturing error and is within the warranty period, the cost of repair or replacement of spare parts will be the responsibility of our company.


✓ If the problem is found to be due to misuse of the product and your product is in warranty, then the cost of repairing it (spare parts, labor, transport, etc.) is the sole responsibility of the recipient.


For products that are outside the product warranty period, our specialized technicians will suggest repair solutions, but the total cost of the repair is the responsibility of the customer.



Do not use cleaning products with acidic or non-basic PH. Avoid using sharp objects to clean your furniture. Be sure to clean stains due to icy or hot liquids immediately. For stubborn stains use a soft cloth soaked in clean lukewarm water and wipe the surface carefully. Always make sure that no water residue remains on the surfaces



The warranty does not cover damage or wear and tear to the furniture due to improper or improper use (eg. violent throwing, dragging, hitting, abrasion with tools or other objects), as well as natural disasters or unavoidable external events. Also the warranty does not cover furniture damage due to abnormal environmental conditions, such as eg. humidity, exposure to excessive heat, strong cold or bright light, long-term accumulation of dust, etc. Furniture that is not carefully cared for and therefore has obvious defects are excluded from the warranty, such as e.g. tearing, burning, use of unsuitable cleaners, etc. Surface retraction-breakage from a weight greater than the allowable one is not covered by the warranty. Furniture damage due to the use of improper components or non-genuine spare parts or the intervention of an unauthorized person is excluded from this warranty.


Check your order by phone with our company be informed about the order shipment via e-mail. We also contact you for any shortages within 2 days.